31 May - 1 June 2010, Brussels, Belgium
Session I: Problem situation and knowledge demand
Integrating innovation and development policies for the forest sector
Gerhard Weiss, EFICEEC
Innovative policies for the sustainable development of the forest sector
Timothy Hall, DG Research
Innovative future for the forest: Integrated rural development
Doris Wiederwald, ÖAR regional development consulting
Innovative future for wood: Making new opportunities real
CG Beckemann, FTP
Session II: Results of the COST Action E51
WG1 results on territorial services
Prof. Bill Slee, Macaulay Institute, UK
WG2 results on wood value chains
Prof. Pekka Ollonqvist, METLA, FI


Presentations of the 1st Joint MC and WG Meeting (12-14 October 2006 in Grosspetersdorf, Austria) are available in the Intranet.
For presentations of the 2nd and 3rd Joint MC and WG Meetings in Tallinn (May 14-16, 2007) and Prague (December 17-19, 2007) see the proceedings of these meetings.